Chair Stories

Your story and your identity are unique.
You are sitting here for a purpose.
You have a place here in West Seattle.

Have a seat.
Rest.           Belong.           Linger.

You have a place in this story.
Look around and dream of what could be.
Help to build this community.
Share your story with us below…

2 thoughts on “Chair Stories

  1. Thanks for inviting me to sit and dream and share my story! My name is Kim Schwarzkopf and I was born in New York in 1970 and raised in Greenwich, CT. When I graduated from the University of Vermont in 1992 with a degree in Sociology and Political Science and a passion for Snowboarding, I moved out West and found my way to Seattle via Tahoe and Maui. I fell in love with the water, mountains, parks, arts and culture! I planted deep roots by buying my first home in 1996 and starting my family in 2001. I have 2 boys that went to Alki Elementary and even though they have graduated, we feel deeply connected to the Alki Community! We love the beach and the old growth forest! Currently, I work as a filmmaker and have also started a mentoring program called Across the Bridge. I believe that we all can help #IncreasethePeace in our lives, our community and in our world! We’re all connected – as humans and animals and the environment. Thanks again for making the space for me to share my story and think deeply about the world… From the sweetest purple chair on the sunny porch at the Log House Museum! Much love! Oh, come check out the current exhibit about West Seattle’s local Bohemian- Ivar Haglund!


  2. Had a lovely seat after a 5th anniversary dinner with my beautiful wife. Meandered around the Salty’s sculptures and found our way to the old Kalakala pilothouse where this chair was ready and waiting for the next person seeking respit and a little soulice from the busy world outside. We love our little slice of heaven here on Alkli beach and this just adds to our smiles!!


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