A History of Delridge Day… and a Miscounting

Well, with a little effort and a significant amount of research we seem to have a built out archive of the Delridge Day festival tracing the annual event all the way back to what seems to have been its founding in Summer of 2006 with a Laura Love concert held at the Dragonfly Pavilion in a beautiful park hidden just down the street from the former-All Star Gym facility in North Delridge.

Check out historical details, photos, videos, and links to news coverage on the current Delridge Day page and in the drop-down menu of pages for each year underneath!

With hand-off from Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA), to the North Delridge Neighborhood Council, and then to us here at VieWS, some of the historical record has been lost along the way. If you have any photos, flyers, or other information to share just send us an email at contact@wsgathering.org.

The most interesting discovery is that there seems to have been a counting error in the bumpy hand-off from DNDA — which means that 2015 will not be the 9th annual festival, but actual the 10th celebration of community in the Delridge neighborhoods!

Looks like we will have to organize something extra special this year. Would you like to join us in the planning?